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Smart Video Surveillance (SVS) extracts frames from a variety of IP-Cameras and offline or streamed videos by running various computer vision and machine learning algorithms to derive actionable insights. SVS performs real-time streaming analysis with configurable notification settings. With feature based audit trail one can train AI Models in real-time based on multiple simultaneous streams of video.

SVS is hardware agnostic,  can be scaled both horizontally and vertically, is compatible with any RTSP compliant device and works with any available DVR system(s). Machine learning Models can be built with Supervised Learning and can be extended with Unsupervised Learning as needed with minimal or no software licenses required. Supports extensive and customisable Dashboards, Widgets, Reporting Framework and pluggable to any input/output source systems with configurable notifications. Supports secured API with Enterprise audit and event Logging.


  • Identification of Blacklisted Individuals
  • Identification of VIP Individuals
  • Action based on Identification and Authorization
  • Unique People Headcount/People Tracking
  • Gender Classification
  • Recognition of office objects
  • Weapon Detection
  • Identify Leftover Objects
  • Natural Language Search in a Video
  • Vehicle Classification and Detection
  • Car/Vehicle number plate Recognition
  • Character/Text recognition
  • Action Detection
  • Violence Detection
  • Drowsiness Detection
  • Vehicle Tailgating
  • Vehicle Speed, Distance tracking