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Syed Kashif Ali

Director - Business Development and Communications

Kashif assumes a pivotal role as the Creative Director, seamlessly intertwining the realms of business development and project oversight. Drawing upon over a decade of enriched experience, he orchestrates dynamic engagements in projects spanning diverse industries. This is where his profound skill set comes to the forefront, underscoring his ability to both lead and actively contribute.

At the heart of Kashif’s expertise lies a profound acumen for brand building and communication strategies, with a pronounced inclination towards empowering new and emerging businesses. His forte is evident in his adeptness at catalysing strategic initiatives that fortify and amplify brands. Through skilful strategies spanning various communication channels, Kashif lays the foundation for brands to resonate effectively.

In his capacity as the head of &all, DeltaTech’s innovative division, Kashif seamlessly fuses his prowess in brand building, communication strategies, and technology. This unique synergy empowers him to offer all-encompassing solutions tailored to individuals and organizations, fueling their aspirations and facilitating a lasting impact across their respective industries.