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Sundeep Chebrolu


Since becoming a part of our team in 2014, Sundeep has assumed a significant role in spearheading the incubation and advancement of DeltaTech’s pioneering ventures within the information technology sector. His influence is palpable as he expertly guides the progression of these initiatives.

Sundeep’s engagement extends beyond strategic planning, as he diligently oversees day-to-day operations and skillfully manages vital resources. This encompasses a proactive approach that ensures our operations consistently run smoothly and efficiently.

Collaborating closely with the Board, Sundeep plays a vital role in designing DeltaTech’s comprehensive go-to-market strategy. This pivotal responsibility spans diverse market segments, reflecting his multifaceted expertise in market dynamics and growth strategies.

Sundeep’s exceptional leadership is marked by his unwavering vision and profound dedication to the continued expansion and success of DeltaTech. His contributions significantly contribute to our organization’s enduring growth and future accomplishments.