At DeltaTech, we’re working to enhance the lives of individuals, teams, companies and communities through the trajectory changing contributions we create for the people and companies we serve.

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Narendranath Chebrolu


Narendranath is the quintessential entrepreneur, renowned for his unparalleled vision that has propelled numerous businesses to ascendancy as market leaders within remarkably brief spans. His indomitable spirit has been instrumental in steering businesses towards success, bolstered by his leadership roles as President of the Indian Tobacco Association and Vice-Chairman of the Indian Tobacco Board, coupled with his forays across diverse industries, including information technology.

In 2006, Narendranath embarked on a transformative journey by founding DeltaTech, a venture driven not only by the pursuit of excellence in resource provisioning but also by an unwavering commitment to becoming a paragon of employer distinction in the information technology realm. Narendranath’s boutique approach seamlessly aligns with the expectations of both clients and employees, a testament to his visionary ethos.

Through his astute leadership, DeltaTech has evolved into an emblem of reliability and excellence, solidifying its reputation as an unwavering pillar of support for clients and a haven of growth and fulfillment for its dedicated workforce. Narendranath’s visionary pursuits have unequivocally shaped DeltaTech’s trajectory as a stalwart in the realm of information technology.