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Kim Batcheler


Kim boasts an illustrious career encompassing more than two decades of exceptional technology leadership roles. From the inception of DeltaTech, Kim’s unwavering commitment to excellence has been evident as he swiftly cultivated a robust international client portfolio, driven by his vision of fostering enduring relationships that deliver lasting value.

With a profound affinity for technology and a post-graduate qualification in Business Administration, Kim adeptly navigates the balance between propelling growth and upholding impeccable delivery standards. As a cornerstone of our organization, Kim deftly oversees engagement teams, ensuring seamless client delivery and providing pivotal operational guidance.

Based in the UK, Kim’s influence extends beyond our organizational boundaries. His distinguished stature is underscored by his designation as a Fellow of the esteemed Institute of Directors, where he actively contributes to shaping strategic direction and corporate leadership. This integral involvement reflects Kim’s steadfast commitment to steering DeltaTech towards continued success on a global scale.