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Amit Kumar

Head Of HR

Amit has been a steadfast member of the DeltaTech team since 2007, having been a part of the organization since its inception. With a versatile leadership style, he has played an integral role in fostering the growth and success of the company through various pivotal positions.

Throughout his tenure, Amit has seamlessly navigated diverse domains, showcasing exceptional prowess in Information Technology, Human Resources, People and Talent Management, Resourcing, Project Management, and Software Development. His career record is marked by extensive accomplishments across a spectrum of clients, showcasing his adeptness in a range of professional spheres.

In his current capacity, Amit serves as the head of the Human Resources Department at DeltaTech. His comprehensive skill set and experience lend themselves seamlessly to this vital role, further reinforcing the organization’s commitment to excellence.

Amit’s academic accomplishments are equally impressive, with a Master’s degree in Management (MBA), Finance (MS Finance), and Computer Applications (MCA). His professional expertise is further bolstered by his certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Beyond his professional achievements, Amit’s passions extend to travel and culinary exploration. With an impressive 20 years of overall experience, Amit remains a cornerstone of DeltaTech’s ongoing success and advancement.