Salesforce moves Lightning Web Components to open source

Salesforce contributed its low-code web development framework to the open source community to bring more developers with new ideas into its fold.

The web stack looks very different today than it did five years ago, with its weight now heavily tilting towards standards.

More standards, less frameworks

The standardization of the core stack is incredibly exciting and opens the door to a new breed of frameworks: frameworks whose major task is no longer to fill in the gaps in the core stack, but to provide a thin layer of specialized services on top of a standard stack that is now suitable for large scale app development. The benefits are substantial:

  • Common component model
  • Common programming model
  • Transferable skills and easier-to-find / easier-to-ramp-up developers
  • Interoperable components
  • Better performance because core features are implemented natively in web engines instead of in JavaScript in framework abstractions