We are great to work with

Our people are the most important element in our company - we treat people with integrity, respect and give them the freedom to realize their true potential.

Why are we great to work with?

We want the best people for the job - and more importantly, we want our people to have the security of long-term job commitment. This not only benefits our customers with low attrition and creates a bond with their staff, but also benefits our employees by having growth and opportunities.

Our highly motivated employees are proud to be working for us because we value, recognize and reward their individual contributions in making Delta Technology a world class corporation. That's why our personnel are loyal and choose to stay with Delta and build their long term careers with us.


Life @ Delta




Our unique approaches to idea generation, our obsession with efficiency enable an environment for lateral thinking. Our keen customer focus creates a work environment that helps you in realizing your true potential for breakthrough and incremental innovation.



Our Training Programs, Career Advancement opportunities, Performance reviews, Employee recognition programs, Healthcare programs, Tax and Investment planning advice, Festive celebrations, Team Outings, Dedicated Snack Bar are some of the benefits you can expect.

Work-Life Balance


We understand that work life balance is essential for a rewarding and fulfilling career. We ensure that our commitment to our customers and our policies enable you to not only have a stress free work environment, but also spend quality time with your family.


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